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Delante loves sports.  During his first meeting with HSTL employment staff, he stated that he wanted to work somewhere that involved sports.  His dream job would be to work in a sports arena.  Which sport, it didn’t matter - Delante loves all sports. Our dedicated employment staff worked with Delante, his parents and service coordinator to identify possible opportunities for him.  HSTL staff looked into several possibilities for Delante ranging from working with the Washington Nationals to a local community center, which Delante often frequents. 


At the time Delante came to HSTL, the hiring for local NFL and NBA had not yet begun. So that he could begin making some money, Delante agreed to take a position at a local grocery store as a courtesy clerk until the position he desired became available.  In the interim, HSTL staff contacted one of their connections in the community to discuss the Redskins next hiring phase, which they do once a year.  Our staff met with the hiring manager to introduce them to the company and the services that we provide.  We were able to secure an interview for Delante for that summer, the Redskin's 2008 season.  Delante’s interview went well, and he was hired on the spot.  You could not have taken this day away from Delante – this was his moment and he could do nothing but smile.  HSTL staff asked Delante how he felt a couple of weeks later when he received his Redskins shirt.  He said, “It feels great, I’m ready.”  We recently asked him a few questions about working with the Redskins.


HSTL:  “Delante, what do you like about working with the Redskins?”
Delante:  “I like helping the fans and I get to see some of the game and the players.”

HSTL:  “In your job with the Redskins, what do you do?”
Delante:  “I look at the fan’s tickets and mark them, then tell them which way to go

to their seats.”

HSTL:  “Do you get to talk to the players?”
Delante:  “I don’t get to talk to them, but I get to see them when they drive their

cars into the stadium and when they go into the locker room.”

HSTL:  “You talk a lot about the fifth quarter, what is the fifth quarter?”
Delante:  “The fifth quarter is when they have a party for the fans and a band

performs.  I get to stay and help out.”

HSTL:  “What is your favorite part of the season and what is your least part?”
Delante:  “My favorite part is when their winning and my least is when they lose and when the season is over.”

Since working with the Redskins is only seasonal employment, he also continues his employment as a Courtesy Clerk.

Delante has been employed by the Redskins now for 10 years. His manager says he’s one of his most dedicated, hard-working employees and is doing a fantastic job.

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