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Our Mission

HeadStart to Life, Inc. (HSTL) is an organization designed to provide employment services to intellectually and developmentally disabled adults in the Washington, D.C. metro area.  These services will include an initial assessment, employment plan, job development, job coaching support interview and work skills.  We will strive to be the leader in an innovative approach to secure and maintain long-term employment.  In order to achieve this goal, we will rely on our community relationships and partnerships with local businesses.  Additionally, we will work closely with other service providers in the area to create a broader spectrum of services that will meet the needs of all, not just a select few.





Strengthening our role as employment-stability leaders among the disabled population and setting a higher standard for other organizations.

Responding to the person's specific needs, desires and capabilities, adding qualitative and quantitative value to employment services.

Results & Accountability

Delivering measurable results to the people we serve and our organization. Our organization and our members are expected to operate with the highest level of ethics and honesty.

Collaboration & Partnering

Providing opportunities to meet, communicate, collaborate, and partner within the business community.  Provide respect and appreciation as a valued member through community inclusion.



Preparation = Job Retention

The area of services we specifically target is employment. Included within the scope of employment services, we identify potential opportunities, secure employment, and aspire to create long-term employment.


Identifying employment opportunities:

           •  basic job skills training;

           •  job search techniques;

           •  employment research; and

           •  creating working resumes.


Securing employment will include:

           •  apply for/follow up on job leads;

           •  interview process/mock interviews;

           •  educate perspective employers;

           •  complete the hiring process.


Maintaining employment will consist of:

           •  job coach support;

           •  on-the-job training;

           •  monthly evaluations;

           •  promote long-term job retention;​

           •  daily progress documentation; and

           •  monthly/quarterly reporting.

In order to facilitate services, HeadStart to Life, Inc. will provide the appropriate staff needed to perform the specified services.  Staffing will include direct support, program coordination, administrative, human resources, healthcare consultants, and an executive staff.  Each program participant accepted into the program will be community-employment ready.  All individuals will be able to travel independently, with or without the assistance of training.

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